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2024 Product Collection

Your complete collection of New and Existing Product Line Information.

Includes: Helpful Home Project Tips, Project Inspiration, and Special Program Information.

KBIS Trend Guide

Get an exclusive look at the future of home design with the Home Outlet 2024 KBIS Trend Guide, curated by our Marketing VP, Danial Reed. Get inspired for your next project with the most exciting trends from The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS).

Master Your Kitchen Remodel

Includes: Are you incorporating enough storage? Are you choosing surfaces that are easy to maintain? Is everything within easy reach when and where you need it most? Does the design inspire you? Will you stay within your budget?

Kitchen Planning Guide

Includes: Step by step instructions on how to measure for new cabinets, a cabinet layout example, a layout drawing grid and submission information.

Room-By-Room Guide To Making Dream Room A Reality

Includes: Kitchens remodel checklist with countertops, sinks, faucets & cabinets. Bathrooms checklist with vanities, tubs, showers, medicine cabinets & faucets. Flooring, door and window types, styles, cost levels, & best case usage for each kind.

Guide To Choosing The Best Doors For Your Home

Includes: Reasons For New Doors: Energy efficiency, draft reduction, curb appeal update. Pre-Hung Or Slab Doors: Pre-hung doors include their own jamb. A slab is the door by itself. Door Types & Terminology: Exterior, interior, French, patio, storm, full view & decorative.

Things To Consider Before A Bath Renovation Guide

Includes: Determining Your Budget, Functionality, Prioritizing Products, & Contractor vs DIY

Guide To DIY Window Replacement

Includes: What you need to know about window replacement. What you need to look for before removing your old windows. What you need to do to prepare and then install your new windows.

Savvy Buyer's Guide To Flooring

Includes: Material Costs - Estimated average based on each type of flooring. Installation Difficulty - Dependent upon skill level and flooring type. Installation Supplies - Basic listing for each type of floor.

Guide To Choosing The Right Countertop

Includes: Countertop types: Granite, laminate, quartz, marble, & butcher-block. Best counter for the space: Quality features and sink design attributes. Edge designs: Edge finishes can affect costs.

Making The Most Of A Kitchen Ranovation

Discover the secrets to attaining the kitchen you’ve always envisioned without straining your finances or causing undue stress to your household.

Easy Kitchen Updates Guide

Achieving Style and Practical Magic Without Overspending.
A collection of tips to revitalize your kitchen space while stretching your budget dollar.