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Style and Function: Incorporate a Modern Range Hood into Your Culinary Workflow

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Your kitchen sees a lot of action, even if all you do is boil some pasta or sizzle up a few veggies, but every time you use your kitchen range, it releases fumes into the air that pollute your home and reduce its air quality. 


Many may argue that it’s something you’ll just have to get used to, but truthfully, there’s a way you can simultaneously improve your cooking experience and make your home a safer place. Installing a range hood is an excellent upgrade for any homeowner who fancies themselves a gourmand (or even those who gasp for air whenever they cook breakfast). 


Here’s everything to know about purchasing and installing a kitchen range hood.

What is the Purpose of a Kitchen Range Hood?

You may have seen range hoods hanging above stoves in restaurants, but what is a range hood, exactly? Its purpose is simple: you install it above your stove or range to help extract smoke or pollutants from the air. 


Frying or sautéing at high temperatures can release smoke and fumes into the air, increasing the risk of grease fires, while boiling or steaming sends moisture into the air, increasing the risk of mold production. Kitchen range hoods, thankfully, alleviate all of these problems.


Depending on the sorts of things you like to cook and how often you do so, installing a new range hood could act as a significant upgrade for your kitchen. Without a doubt, owning one will instantly turn your kitchen into a much safer place for you to cook whatever you’re in the mood for.

Range Hood Material and Styles

The next step in understanding your search for the right range hood is knowing which materials are the most cost and function-effective. Home Outlet offers range hoods in a variety of steel finishes. Here’s why they’re the ideal choice for virtually any kitchen:

Steel Range Hoods

A steel range hood will be the top pick for most homeowners since it is the perfect material for the job. Its biggest advantage is its high resistance to rust and water damage. Given that a range hood’s primary function is to handle steam and other substances, that quality puts steel far and above many other options.

Steel is also low-maintenance, outside of easily cleaning up splatters like you normally would on your stovetop, and it is also non-porous, which means it’ll resist bacteria better than other materials can. 

Painted Steel Range Hoods

Painted steel is essentially the same as buying a steel hood, but it provides the added flexibility of getting it to match your kitchen’s aesthetic. You can buy painted steel backsplashes if you want something to add a touch of color while retaining the classic steel look.

Stainless Steel Range Hoods

Add all the benefits of steel and tack on enhanced durability and a glorious sheen, and the result is a stainless steel range hood, which is the perfect fit for kitchens with modern or industrial looks.

Range Hood Parts

Range hoods have multiple components you’ll want to know about as well. Here’s what you should look into to ensure yours works optimally:


The hood’s damper tucks up into your ductwork. It prevents backdrafts and large debris from entering your ducts through the range hood.

Power Cord

Separate power cords are optional items that give you an alternative to a direct-wire installation. Buying these can be beneficial if needed, but keep in mind that only some range hoods are compatible with power supply kits.


Filters are vital to remove grease, smoke, and debris from the air. Therefore, it would be best to have replacement filters on hand to ensure those particles don’t build up on your existing filter and create a fire hazard.

A Safe Bet for Your Kitchen Renovation

You’ll be covering all your bases with a kitchen range hood, and now, with some more knowledge, you’re ready to start shopping for the perfect one for your kitchen!