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Similar to how the right accessory can bring an outfit together, wood trim and molding can add the perfect finishing touch to tie your living space together during a home improvement project.

Trim Board

Trim boards can be used for a variety of applications, from outdoor windows and siding to indoor baseboards, chair rail, and so much more

Wall Planking

Use these stylish accent materials to create a space that expresses your personal style.

Casing Moulding

Casing moulding can be used in practical applications such as door or windows frames. It can also be used as a decorative trim.

Stair Tread

Create a cohesive space with stair tread that matches your favorite flooring. Available through Spend Less Express ordering. See store for details.

Quarter Round Moulding

Use this small strip of trim to finish the space between your new floors and the baseboard.

Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is a simple and inexpensive way to upgrade your space and add to your home’s value.

Base Moulding

Shop from an assortment of Base Moulding profiles to complete the transition from your wall to floor space.

Corner Moulding

Give your cabinetry a finished look with our corner moulding products.

Handrail Moulding

Complete your staircase update with new handrail moulding.

Brick Moulding

Finish your door or window installation with brickmould casing.

Chair Rail Moulding

Incorporate with decorative elements like wainscoting or as a standalone protectant from furniture damage.

Base Shoe Moulding

Use Base Shoe (or Shoe Moulding) as decorative element for the space between baseboards and floor.


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Moulding and Wood Products

Quality wood moulding and a proper trim can transform a room like you wouldn't believe, and Home Outlet offers nothing but the highest quality moulding trim. It can tie a vision you've already established for the room together, or it can add a pop of interest to your baseboards or ceilings. With so many beautiful options for you to choose from, you're bound to find a moulding that fits your style, personality, and budget.


At Home Outlet, we believe that our customers can rise to the challenge of tackling any and all of their home improvement projects with confidence. That's why we offer casing, trim, and other moulding products that are easy to work with while still being of superior quality. 


Among our fantastic products are crown moulding, chair rails, handrails, wainscots, and so much more, so whether you're after wood moulding or wood millwork, we can assure you that Home Outlet has something you'll love. Trim board and wall planking are popular choices, and we have plenty to choose from in our catalog.

If you’re already knee-deep in your passion project and need to pick up some finish materials, we have those for you as well! Home Outlet secures its place as the essential source of quality home improvement products for the homeowner that can take on anything. See our options for yourself and get inspired to start that new project. With the help of our products, anything is possible!