The Advantages of Mosaic Tiles

Posted by Staff on 7th Jun 2023

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mosaic tile is a fantastic way to highlight or add a splash of color to your larger tiles. 


There's something aesthetically satisfying about a collage comprised of many small tiles that form one intricate yet cohesive pattern. Mosaics give a nice visual pop to any room they are used in, especially in tight spaces or as a border detail with contrasting larger tiles.


Quartz mosaic tile is scorch, scratch, and stain resistant with built-in Microban antimicrobial protection.

Mosaic tiles are versatile, since you can install them in almost any room in your home; the only limits are those set by your creativity. You can use mosaic tiles for backsplashes, on countertops, showers and entryways. 

When you visit one of our stores, you'll see that there are a lot of options available in mosaic tiles. You can create your own patterns by combining sections of pre-meshed glass, marble, granite, travertine or slate. Each combination of glass and stone will reflect the surrounding light in the room in different ways.


Pieces of crystal glass and travertine stones blended into one tile form blended mosaic tiles which provide better depth and a more dramatic flair.

As I noted above, a popular trend in home décor is glass tiles and mosaics, so let’s focus on the advantages of this fashionable option. The biggest benefit of using mosaic glass tiles are the great look that can be achieved with a proper installation. Glass tiles or a mix of glass and natural stone can be arranged in simple or intricate patterns. Because of the nature of glass mosaic, it is very luminescent and reflect light to brighten a room. Being non-porous, glass mosaics are resistant to stains, mold and mildew; you also don’t have to worry about grime staining glass tile. They are very easy to clean, and can be wiped down with a damp cloth. In the case of soap scum buildup in a bathroom, a mild vinegar solution can be used to clean the surface. 


If an individual tile on the mesh is damage you can cut the bad tile out and replace it with a scrap tile.

Installation of mosaic tiles is a bit different than larger tiles. Mosaic tiles are available pre-attached to mesh sheets, which can then be cut depending on the size of the area to be tiled and fixtures that need to be worked around. In this aspect the mosaic tiles are easier to work with than a solid tile. Mosaic tiles are slightly more susceptible to chipping or cracking because of their size and the flexibility of the mosaic’s backing. This means you will have to handle mosaic tiles with a little more care. However, if one of the small tiles on the mosaic is damaged you can cut it out and replace it with a spare piece. 


A series of light taps on the block ensure the tiles are evenly set in the mortar.

Unlike ceramic or natural stone tiles, glass mosaics require a little more preparation. This is because when you are installing clear glass tiles, you will be able to see the adhesive behind the tile. For this reason it is recommended the wall the tile is being applied to be consistent in color and texture. Take the time for sanding, patching and putting on a smooth coating of thinset before you start. You may want to consider using white mortar for this kind of project and make sure there are no air bubbles or uneven patches of thinset that will show through. To avoid this use a “beater block” (simply a small block of wood) with a hammer to lightly tap the block on the tiles. Doing so will help evenly press the them into the mortar. It is recommended that you use high polymer content mortar. Before you start installing, you will also need to get a tool that is specifically designed to do rough cuts to the glass tiles. As I mentioned, glass mosaics tiles are durable and resistant to stains; however, they can be susceptible to scratches, and there are occasions when an impact with something heavy will crack or chip a tile. For this reason glass tile is best used as a backsplash or wall covering. If you want to use it as a surface covering, bear in mind the kind of use the surface is subject to. Also glass is slippery when wet, so using this type of mosaic tile in damp, humid areas as a surface can be a safety risk without further treating the surface with a non-slip sealer. 


Regardless of what type of mosaic tile you choose for your home improvement projects you will find many types of colors and sizes in our stores. You can get complex and intricate looks with accent tiles, borders and natural stone moulding. We are your headquarters for deep discounted, first run quality home improvement products at the Guaranteed Lowest Price.

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