Are Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets the Same?

Posted by Shakti S. on 7th Jun 2023

To an untrained eye, kitchen cabinets and bath vanities may seem basically the same.

Both are used in similar ways, can support a sink or be mounted on the wall, and are readily available in a wide variety of styles and color options. However, there are a few important differences to consider in both their form and function before making your design choices. 

What Type of Cabinetry Do I Need? White Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets tend to be larger in all three dimensions compared to bathroom cabinets. That's because kitchen cabinets are often used for storing large objects such as pots and pans, as well as woks, slow cookers and other rarely used cooking equipment. Usually, the bathroom tends to have more limited floor space.

The standard height for kitchen cabinets is 34 inches high. Bathroom cabinets come in a little shorter, typically at 31 inches. These cabinets are also shallower, with a standard depth of 21 inches, versus 24 inches for kitchen models. These differences affect more than just the storage space available. You'll need to keep the dimensions in mind when purchasing the sink for each room because, even if you like a particular style, it may not work with both sets of cabinets.

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are interchangeable to a certain extent, but there are construction differences to consider. Marble and tile tops are popular choices for both because they are durable and easy to keep clean. Laminate is a more inexpensive option. However, it may not work as well in a bathroom because the humidity from the shower can cause peeling or defects over time. Moisture can also affect cabinets that have been painted, so make sure you use a latex paint designed for bathroom areas.

Other Uses for Kitchen Cabinets Madison Vanity

Some people like to have matching cabinetry throughout the entire house. This can make sourcing correctly sized cabinets a little more complicated. However, it can be worth the effort because a consistent aesthetic in cabinets throughout the house creates a unified look and can make the home seem custom built. It can also be convenient to purchase everything at the same time and place, if you've found a store that sells the same design in both cabinet sizes.

However, for many houses, matching cabinets may not be the best option. Bathrooms can be one of the trickiest areas to decorate because of their space limitations, plumbing requirements and unmoveable fixtures. An easier method to achieving a cohesive look is to match countertops, color schemes and door pulls in both the kitchen and bathroom.

Another option is to buy kitchen-sized cabinets for both spaces. In the bathroom, take the doors off the cabinets and install them at eye height, creating shelving that can be used to store towels or to replace a traditional medicine cabinet. This design option can be very successful for bathrooms where the floor area is cluttered with fixtures and higher wall spaces are clear. 

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