Choosing Between Different Bathtub Styles

Posted by Staff on 7th Jun 2023

The bathtub is your bathroom's central piece, defining the room's style and functionality.

Different Bathtub Styles And What You Should Know

With so many different bathtubs available today it can be challenging to choose the right one. However, knowing what you can expect from the different bathtub styles available today can help you choose the best tub for your home.

Soaker Bathtubs

Soaker bathtubs include a variety of unique styles that focus on comfort, luxury, and utility. They take their names from the fact that they let you soak, with the depth and size to accommodate absolute relaxation.

Your soaker tub could be featured as a drop-in with a prepared deck, making it the natural centerpiece of the bathroom. Corner bathtubs are another great soaker option for those with the available space to make it happen.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are among the most luxurious bathtub styles available today. Instead of being affixed to a deck or wall or relying on legs, a freestanding bathtub is a monolithic style statement.

A freestanding tub sits directly on the floor, providing 360 degrees of open space around it. While generally very close to the wall that features the tap, the tub isn’t attached. No wall attachments create a very open environment that could be the style for which you’re looking.

Three-Wall Alcove

When considering different types of bathtubs, homeowners shouldn’t discount the classic three-wall alcove, which is often the standard choice in homes today, and with good reason. Simple, functional, and affordable, it’s pleasing on all fronts.

The alcove bathtub features the standard tub and shower combination, making it highly functional. While this might seem the most basic option, it features such a wealth of design and style choices that you can add something special to your bathroom during your next reno.

Clawfoot Bathtubs

Clawfoot bathtubs are, by and large, considered to be the epitome of grace when choosing bathtub styles.

Four distinctive legs support the tub, generally styled with some type of animal claws at the end, giving the tub its signature name. They’re a hallmark from another era that continues to provide an elegant bathtub style.

Clawfoot tubs are similar in many ways to freestanding tubs, except that they rest on legs instead of having the entire bottom of the tub on the floor. Functionally, they’re more or less the same, so it comes down to your personal style. Many options fall within this category, and one of them could be just right for you.

Finding the Perfect Bathtub Styles for Your Home

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