Clearance Flooring: 4 Things to Consider When You Buy

Posted by Helen J. on 13th Jun 2023

Updating and improving your floors does not necessarily mean spending a small fortune.


The challenge is finding closeout bargains that help with your renovation goals without taking on more than you expect. By clarifying a few key details, you can find discount flooring that fits your budget and allows you to enjoy a beautiful new look in your home.


Closeouts differ from other flooring options because the company is discontinuing the materials or products. You want to prepare for possible damages to your new floors by purchasing enough discount flooring to replace the current floors and have extra for future projects, repairs or replacements.

The ideal amount of flooring depends on your property and the rooms you plan to renovate. Measure the length and width of the room and then multiply the numbers. The final result is the square footage of the room. Start with the square footage and purchase 20 to 40 percent extra flooring. The extra flooring gives you room to cut and adjust the new material. You'll also have extra materials to repair any damages to the floors in the future.


laminate flooring

Close-outs are limited and you may have few boxes of a specific finish or material available. Since you plan to purchase a discontinued material, you must pay attention to the lot numbers on the boxes. Do not assume that the flooring materials colors are exactly the same in every box. Check for inconsistencies within the boxes and ensure that you purchase the same finish on all of the boxes. Always compare the lot numbers to avoid purchasing flooring material that does not match the other materials finish perfectly.


Discount flooring does not always come out of the box in pristine condition. Before installing your new floors, check the materials for any damages or problems. Pay attention to any warping, broken edges or other red flags. You also want to look for any changes to the colors or fading.

Do not purchase damaged materials for your renovation project. Even small damages to the materials can ruin the impact of your new floors. While damages are not the only reason for bargains, some products are sold with damage for a discounted rate. Look carefully at the materials to avoid problems with the installation or an unattractive appearance in your home.


Calculating The Cost Of Flooring

Costs differ significantly between flooring materials. Look at the cost per square foot and calculate based on the size of your rooms and the extra materials you want for the project and future concerns.

Factor in the costs of hiring a professional when calculating the rates. Installation costs impact your actual rates and are particularly important when you have concerns about the previous flooring materials. While modern materials do not use asbestos, lead or other harmful items, older homes with original floors may have concerns in relation to the floors. A contractor has the skill to identify risky materials and ensure proper safety precautions. Clarify any costs associated with installation before starting the project.

Discounts on your flooring materials give you an opportunity to improve your home, but you also want to avoid unnecessary complications or risks. Clarify your plans and ensure that you understand the project before you purchase any flooring.


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