Color Theory: Best Bets for Countertops and Backsplashes in a White Kitchen

Posted by Elizabeth T. on 20th Jun 2023

Countertop And Backsplash

Whether you're planning a full gut job for your kitchen remodel or have inherited a room you want to upgrade with personal touches, you have a long list of decisions to make.

While classic, white kitchen cabinets are a no-brainer in terms of their timeless good looks, what accents will you add to them? A fully monochromatic kitchen in which every decorative detail is white might be easy, but it's awfully dull. White cabinets are a double-edged sword: They match everything, so you have both the blessing and the curse of hundreds of options. To help you narrow down your choices, consider these sure-fire granite countertop colors and tile backsplash combos for a white kitchen:

Black Granite Counters / White Subway Tile Backsplash

White Cabinets Black Counter

It doesn't get any more classic than the ever-elegant combination of white and black. White subway tile remains hugely popular, and it you're feeling a little daring, you can add a bit of black trim or accent tiles to the mix. This is a great look if you're trying to blend a new kitchen into an older home. As a bonus, black counters camouflage small spills while you're cooking for guests.

Gray Granite Counters / Sea Glass Tile Backsplash

To add a bit of soothing color to your white kitchen, get inspired by the beach. Gray granite is much gentler on the eyes than black, and it's easy to blend with other colors on your walls. Glass tiles will add a little sparkle to your backsplash. They come in many shades, but ocean-inspired greens, blues and aquas will blend well and create a calm oasis for cooking.

Tan Granite Counters / Brick Red Tile Backsplash

For something a little more vivid, try tan granite counters with an interesting pattern in the stone. For the backsplash, a warm shade of brick red is bold without being too loud. You can consider subway tile to emulate the look of real brick, or you can choose a multicolored backsplash of tiny tiles in shades of brown, tan, orange and red to link the granite to the backsplash.

Green Granite Counters / Green Tile Backsplash

Another way to add color to your white kitchen is to choose a piece of granite that pops all on its own. Granite comes in many shades of dark green, and this looks particularly fresh when paired with white cabinets and black hardware. Match your backsplash tiles to the counter for a look that plays on textures just as much as it does on color.

Multicolored Granite Counters / Coordinating Tile Backsplash

granite countertops

Sometimes, the best color for countertops isn't a single color at all. If you've fallen in love with a unique slab of granite for your kitchen, take a close look at the many hues it contains in its natural pattern and veining. Choose your favorite color in the granite and find tiles you love in that shade for your backsplash. This system depends entirely on your own preferences, but it's a guaranteed method for getting a granite and tile combination that you love.

With these colorful looks, you can add some personality to your white kitchen while remaining confident that you've chosen a look you'll love for years to come.

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