Creating An Outdoor Space For Tenants

Posted by Leslie C. on 8th Jun 2023

Monday, July 6, 2020

When looking for a new home, most tenants seek a home with beautiful spaces where they can enjoy their time. As a landlord, you can attract tenants by creating these spaces outdoors, where they can enjoy the sunshine and the beauty of nature.

Not sure what kind of improvements will make your outdoor spaces more palatable to potential tenants? We've got some ideas! Below are some suggestions for ways that you or your property management company can give your rental property a competitive advantage. By adding fun new features that make your rental space more conducive to entertaining and relaxing, you can rent out your property more quickly and easily.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Grill

Outdoor kitchens are rising in popularity. When creating an outdoor kitchen, you'll need a countertop surface for preparing food, a hook up for a gas grill, and an electrical hook up for your outdoor refrigerator. Don't forget to create a space for outdoor dining as well. Use materials that are attractive and functional, like porcelain plank, ledger stone, ceramic tile,slabs of granite and composite decking, and other forms of outdoor flooring.

Don't forget to hire a contractor to prepare the electrical outlet and gas hookup. It's important to have these tasks performed by a professional to ensure the work is done right, and changes made to your home's exterior are made according to code.


It gets hot in the summer. Installing a shaded area can give your tenants a place to spend time that is comfortable and functional. Use a waterproof canvas, install a pergola covered in vines, or install an extended roof over your patio. You can even shade your patio area by growing some tall plants in the right positions to cast shade at the hottest times of the day.


Porcelain Patio

Adding a patio can be as complicated as installing a concrete platform in the backyard, or as simple as laying down some flat stones to form a basic hard surface where you can place a table and chairs. Either way, use quality materials, and if you need help, get help from a contractor who knows what they're doing.


Landscaping is one of the most rewarding and easiest ways to make your real estate investment property more desirable to potential tenants. Install garden beds to add splashes of color around the yard. Plant perennials to ensure beauty in the outdoor spaces year to year. Not sure which plants are best for your property? Get help from a landscape artist.


Want to know more about sprucing up your backyard? Want to give your rental property a competitive advantage over others? Check out our DIY articles with helpful tips and tricks for redoing your exterior spaces.

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