Do Door Styles Really Matter?

Posted by Lynn B. on 14th Jun 2023

Doors are the entryways into our homes, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, dens and more. Although it may seem a small concern in the overall design of a home, having a door that reflects your style and provides real functionality for your home is very important. Doors that offer protection from the elements and the appropriate amount of access can make day to day life easier than you think and the right kind can add real personalization. Check out these door styles. It could make you rethink your current doors!

Interior Doors:

These doors can be found, as the name states, within the interior of the home. Interior doors are usually made of wood or an MDF material. They are often extremely light and narrower than most exterior doors (width). Interior doors can accommodate a door handle lock that can be one sided or double-sided. For those that require more sound proofing or that desire a more rustic look, solid wood doors are available in pine that can be hung hinged or as a slider. Others interior doors are available with gridded windowpanes, commonly called “French Doors”. This style of door is very popular in homes with wider entrances into a room. They bring a particular style to the space and enable you to close off the room when needed.

Exterior Doors:

Exterior doors are usually used for doorway entrances into a home or business. This would include the front entry, backdoor and garage door. These doors are made of tougher materials such as thick crafted wood, fiberglass or steel. They are better able to withstand the elements and provide a secure seal reducing climate transfer. Exterior doors come in a wide variety of designs, including doors with glass inserts, which can help give your home that old-style charm. Exterior doors also can handle a wide variety of locksets, so that you can determine the amount of security you have.

Storm Doors:

Storm doors are aluminum doors that help protect your exterior doors from damage during weather events. These are particularly helpful in areas subject to frequent bad weather. These doors ensure that your exterior door will stay chip-free and last for many years. They are also popular for homeowners who like to leave their exterior door open, but have the storm door as a barrier from entry. Many storm doors have a windowpane built in with a replaceable screen, allowing you to let the cool air in, but still have the barrier to keep out bugs and pests.

Patio Doors:

Separating your home from the outdoors, but letting natural light in, patio doors help connect your outside space with your living space. These doors can be sliding doors that run on a track and move side to side. They are also available as a swinging door, opening inward or outward. Typically, patio doors are full pane doors, with or without grids, maximizing your view to your patio and surroundings.

Knowing and understand what is available for you while updating or installing new doors is a key step to a successful project. Our experienced store Partners are ready to assist you in finding the perfect door to install in your home!

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