Get the Dirt on Dogs by Building an Indoor Dog Wash Station

Posted by Alethea M on 20th Jun 2023

Petspiration: Dog Bath

Stinky dogs are happy dogs. Sadly, they don't make for happy owners. If you're a homeowner who loves a furry friend, you need a close, convenient way to keep him clean. The answer? An in-home dog wash station that's affordable, attractive and functional. Laundry rooms make great locations for pet bathing stations. So do basements that have the plumbing already in place. Add a few comfort amenities and the right flooring & tile, and both you and your pet will learn to love bath time.

Planning Your Home Dog Wash Station

Tile Dog Bath

Designated Dog Bath Space

Designing a new home dog wash station? Here's what you need to consider before purchasing any materials:

  • Who will be washing my pet? Is it someone who can easily bend and crouch to wash a pet at floor-level? Or would it be easier on the knees to elevate my dog bathing station?
  • If I elevate my station, how much does my pet weigh? Is he a small terrier type that I can easily lift in my arms and place in the tub? Or do I own a beefier version of a furry friend that will need steps or a walking ramp?
  • How frisky is my pet? Will he stand relatively still on a platform of river rock during the bath? Or is an actual dog wash station dog wash tub with high walls a better option?

A designated outdoor space that features good drainage and a nearby garden hose will work, but it's not a comfortable place for either you or your pet once the weather turns cold. A better option might include installing a basic dog wash sink in an unused corner of the laundry room.

Must-Haves For Your Indoor Dog Bathing Station

Dog Bath With Sprayer

Dog Bath With Sprayer
  • Ceramic tile can be less expensive than porcelain or natural stone but porcelain tile does an excellent job of protecting floors and walls from water damage. It also cleans up super easy. Just remember to place a rubber mat in the bottom of your dog wash sink to keep your pet from slipping on wet tiles, and place another one under your own feet to help beat fatigue.
  • Install a faucet that's easy to adjust, and remember to place it far enough up the wall that your pet doesn't bash his head or hindquarters against it. No dog wants to be blasted with an icy jet of water, not even on the hottest days of summer. So, opt for a faucet that's easy to adjust with just one hand. Add a portable shower attachment with a hose that's long enough to reach under and around your furry friend.
  • Be kind to yourself and your pet by adding a shelf or cubby to hold necessary supplies. Mount a towel rack nearby and invest in microfiber towels that are large enough to wrap your dog in comfort after the deed is done. Giving your pooch the royal treatment each time will help train him not to fear baths.


A well-planned and well-maintained pet station is a good addition to any home. And when it comes time to sell, your pet station could actually be a big selling point for buyers who own pets.

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