Great Built-in Cabinet Ideas to Solve Your Storage Problems

Posted by Elizabeth D. on 16th Jun 2023

Kitchen Cabinets

As a contractor, I love the idea of using cabinets to create built-ins for the home. Highly versatile and affordable, these sturdy cabinets create built-ins that look beautiful and aren’t difficult to build. Best of all, you will gain lots of valuable storage space.

For A Family Room

Family Room

One elegant way to incorporate built-ins using cabinets is around a fireplace. A bookshelf with a cabinet base allows you to proudly display family photos and decorative items very tastefully. In a room with tall ceilings, you may or may not choose to build shelves all the way to the top.

For a Kitchen

Kitchen islands not only provide extra storage and convenience for the busy cook, but they also create visual interest. If you want to bring the height of the cabinets up to create a taller island, install a plywood base under the prefab cabinets.

For a Media Room

Buying a media cabinet from a furniture store may not give you all the storage you need. Creating your own custom built-in from cabinets gives you a media center that closely fits your needs and living space. You can design a built-in big enough to accommodate the largest big-screen TV, all your sound equipment and a huge movie collection!

For a Dining Room

Dining Room

Custom built-in dining room cabinets provide the luxury of plenty of storage for big family dinners and entertaining. With a built-in buffet in the dining room, you’ll finally have a place to serve a huge feast, store the big turkey platter you use only once a year, as well as the Christmas-themed table decorations. Using matching cabinets, you can also create a built-in butler’s pantry in an adjoining space.

For a Walk-in Closet/Dressing Room

By adding built-in cabinets in a large closet, you can create your own dressing room. Just think how nice it would be to be able to store your wardrobe and footwear neatly and stay organized, which is very convenient when you need to get dressed quickly. Plan for lots of drawers to hold items like underwear and accessories, such as purses and jewelry, and shelves for shoes. Don’t forget the full-length mirror!

For a Child’s Room

Children love having their very own built-in desk for studying, doing homework, playing games or doing crafts. By using a bookshelf with a cabinet base, you can easily create an affordable custom design for your child’s room and provide plenty of storage for art supplies or toys. For more than one child, you can design multiple desks along the same wall.

For the Home Office

Home Office

We love our computers but not all those cords that gather dust and make cleaning more difficult. You can design a custom built-in desk that hides those annoying cords and gives you plenty of extra space to spread out paperwork.

A built-in bookcase with base cabinets provides easy access for books and storage underneath for office supplies. You can dedicate an extra cabinet for your printer to keep it out of sight when not in use and dust-free.

Those Beautiful Built-ins

Building custom built-ins you will love has never been easier. Using cabinets, there is really no end to the possibilities and no reason you can’t have all the storage and convenience you need in your home.

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