Ideas for Your 2022 Home Refresh

19th Jun 2023

It's that time of year again—that time when you feel the familiar push to refresh, renew, and recreate your space.

You have an urge to update your kitchen or gathering spaces so you can proudly host all kinds of get-togethers to reconnect with the people who matter most in your life. You're ready to shake off the old you and step into the beautiful new future. Who knows what 2022 might have in store for you, but right now, you have one thing on your mind and your mood board, and that's a home refresh.

Your knowledge of home decor is always dialed into the newest trends, but trends go as quickly as they come at times. The best thing you can rely on is your artistic point of view.

It isn't always easy to access this without some inspiration and it can be more challenging if you aren't sure where to start looking. But you don't have to let that deter you from achieving all of your home-owning goals. Home Outlet will help fill in the gaps so you can picture your dream fully and translate it into your home exactly the way you'd like.

And as far as inspiration goes, we've taken care of that, too! This year, it's not only a refresh resolution; it's a refresh revolution! We're here to help you take all of those fantastic ideas you've had for all of 2021 and put them to work in your 2022 home refresh.

Front Door Ideas: Entering into an Improved Home

First impressions are everything, and you're always striving for nothing less than to impress! Think of your front door as your home's first impression. How can you install something eye-catching that can share a small insight into your design aesthetic, all while staying current and modern?

We've got some fresh new front door ideas for you to dive into if you're looking to make a more refreshing first impression! 

The Big Red Door

The classic, bold choice is the red door. Much like a red lip or a red tie, a red door on your house makes a statement. It can add visual contrast and a pop of color to turn heads. It's charming and timeless, and even more so if you throw some white trim around it to make it stand out even more. (We have doors that can be stained/painted)

Stained Glass Doors

Stained glass is starting to see a real renaissance with homeowners. A stained glass door can do double duty by letting light permeate into your foyer or front entrance but still giving you the privacy that a window panel can't. It's also stunning to look at, and guests or visitors can enjoy it before they even step foot inside your house!

Decorative Doors

Highly embellished doors that use materials like iron or fiberglass can give your home durability and value right out the gate (or door, rather). Iron decorations often mix with wood, which can make for a striking effect on your home's entry.

Iron can also add some extra security, and you can couple it with other materials, such as frosted glass, for more light and style points! And think about combining styles with decorations. For example, something like ornate iron grates over an arched entryway can be as beautiful as beautiful gets!

Contemporary Glass Doors

If you're looking for something bold that will let the light in and say, "Hello, world," then contemporary glass doors might be suitable for your renovation.

There are many great ways to make your contemporary glass door tell your home’s story. Many doors have a ton of glass, allowing light not just to dapple your entryway but splash through the front like gentle waves. You can also go more geometric with it or get creative with sidelights.

Unconventional Doors

Individuality—that's what we strive to share through creative design. Do it differently, say it proudly, and show the world who you are through your creativity.

There are plenty of more unique door options that can match your taste, such as bright colors, exciting textures, different materials, or a combination of all of them. You're always in control of what you want to tell the world, so tell them who you are with a different door!

Replacing Kitchen Cabinets: Help It Shine

GHI New Castle Gray Cabinets

Much like a front door, kitchen cabinets can be a huge focal point of your kitchen. They can help with a significant home refresh. Style, color, material—all of these aspects tell a story about how your family spends time in the kitchen.

You can draw inspiration from the kind of time you'll be spending in your space or even the types of foods you love to cook. Are you more of a warm and comforting sort of person, like a nice stew on a cold day? Or something more vibrant and exciting like ceviche and margaritas?

Maybe when it comes to food, you're more of a "yes, please" person and could see yourself serving either at your next dinner gathering! If it's time to think about replacing kitchen cabinets, let's look at some kitchen options that will enhance how you like to celebrate food and family.

Solid Wood

With kitchens, it's imperative to keep durability in mind, not just how it looks. Kitchens are often full of wood, but not all types are equal. When looking at kitchen cabinets, you'll often see woods like maple, birch, cherry, oak, and pine. Ask yourself, "how much use will this see?"

Pine is generally less expensive than maple, but the trade-off is that it's much more prone to scratching and denting. So keep an eagle eye out on a wood option that suits your needs, both in looks and in labor.


An asset to many homeowners, plywood is strong and stable. Thin slices of wood are pieced together with an adhesive to offer a resilient option for your kitchen. Plywood tends to be expensive compared to particleboard, but its strength keeps it one of the top materials used by homeowners everywhere to create their dream kitchens.

Stainless Steel

If you're constantly cooking and cleaning, then “low-maintenance” (while still looking great) is the name of the game for kitchen cabinets. Enter stainless steel. Incredibly durable, stainless steel also has the distinct pleasure of looking modern and matching well with your appliances.

On the hunt for a modern vibe in your kitchen this year? You've likely found your match. However, keep in mind that a stainless steel cabinet installation can be expensive.

Still, if you're looking for something that will stand the test of time, look no further than this excellent choice for new kitchen cabinets.

Thermofoil or Laminate

If you feel like you've spent too much of last year cleaning your kitchen cabinets, you might have just found your material. Synthetic materials like thermofoil or laminate can make your kitchen a whole lot easier to clean while still giving your space the feel of natural wood. These finishes or veneers are usually applied over particleboard, making them friendly for your budget, and making cleaning up on pasta night a breeze!

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets

Renewable resources like lyptus or bamboo are all the rage for the eco-conscious consumer. They're essential for savvy homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint during their 2022 home refresh resolution.

Eco-friendly cabinets can be expensive to install, but they’re worth the investment. You’ve wanted to contribute and make a difference, right? Here’s your chance!

New Flooring Ideas: Get It Underfoot

As seen on HGTV’s “Rock the Block”: Homestead Jetcore XL Country Retreat 7mm Vinyl Plank w/Pad.

If you're checking out that remodel style board, chances are you've thought a lot about flooring. Compared to something like your front door, flooring can be a more difficult decision to make. You'll want to make sure it can handle the wear and tear of everyday living.

Whether you're at it for the remodel of the decade or just on the hunt for a new perspective, flooring can help ground your home, both literally and figuratively! We're sharing some of the most noticeable trends to give you some new flooring ideas and get hyped about your home renovation!

Tile Flooring

Tile floors are everywhere, and there's a reason. Tile floors are versatile and incredibly durable, not to mention classic and elegant. And glazed tile is naturally waterproof, making it one of the favorite options for your bathroom or kitchen.

For more control, you might like a DIY-friendly tile to take charge and feel that extra rush of accomplishment. Some tiles are even styled like marble to give any room an extra dash of that luxe feel. Tile also lets you switch up the game if you're looking to tackle the project yourself.


We're getting the two most obvious ones out of the way first.

Carpet (like tile) has always been a popular option for a good reason. And today, there are even more ways that carpet can bring comfort to your home than ever before.

With artfully placed area rugs and geometric patterns, you can completely change the feel of any room in a flash. Carpet tiles and planks are also great if you're looking to work on the project yourself, as they're often available in stick or glue down options.


Vinyl isn't just a cool retro way to listen to music; it can be a real contender in terms of flooring materials. Manufacturers have gotten much better at giving vinyl a look akin to stone or wood due to the increased popularity. As we head into 2022, the vinyl flooring options are starting to look very promising.

Vinyl is also more resilient than something like wood flooring, so if your home has pets, children, or you’re taking salsa lessons on Zoom, vinyl flooring can help keep your floors looking great for years.

Engineered Hardwood

An incredible luxury floor choice, engineered hardwood can offer charm and detail to any room in your home.

This style of wood flooring also comes in water-resistant and waterproof options, making it even more of an intelligent decision for a renovation for areas that see a lot of action, like mudrooms or living rooms. And with exciting textures like hand-scraped or wire-brushed, you can get precisely the kind of vibe that you're looking for with ease.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

If you're interested in sustainability and helping the environment, chances are you're considering many eco-friendly options for your home renovation. Much like their kitchen cabinet counterparts, recycled flooring is a trend that looks good and feels good. It's so popular that most modern carpeting contains recycled materials like plastic bottles or netting.

And America is leading the charge. Many of the companies in America manufacture flooring with the future of our planet in mind. You'll want this choice to be at the top of your list if you're trying to live a greener life in 2022!

Sink Accessories: Make Your Sink Pop

You already know how much a kitchen says about your design philosophy. Kitchens rely heavily on the function as much as they do on the form, unlike other rooms. And so much of this function revolves around one part of your home: the kitchen sink.

Finding the accessories you need can seem like a simple enough thing, but what about finding accessories you're going to love? We've curated some of the best-looking and most essential accessories to complement your new or current sink to give your kitchen the right amount of style and substance.

Faucet Sprayers

Few sink accessories see more play than your faucet sprayer. To ensure you always get a shine on your plates, you need a quality sprayer with a powerful flow. A lot of the newer faucet spray models have universal connectors that can make replacement a cinch, as well as rubber spray nozzles that can keep your sprayer from succumbing to limescale buildup. You're in luck—if you're in the market for a faucet sprayer right now, there's a lot to love. 

Dish Drying Racks

If there's one object that can give faucet sprayers a run for its money in terms of use, it's dish drying racks. Consider getting a new dish rack this year, not just as an upgrade for your home, but as an act of self-care! And over the years, we've seen significant changes in dish drying technology.

If you've upgraded, consider a roll-up dish rack, which is great for storing vegetables or hot pots and pans. Many models support a good amount of weight and can be heat-resistant, so you'll have a great landing pad when the burners get a bit chaotic.

Soap and Lotion Dispensers

Washing your hands can be elegant and effortless. And seeing as other than your faucet, the soap dispenser is the primary focal point of your sink. It's time to think about how you can update your sink's look and improve its usability at the same time.

Many modern soap dispensers will let you refill them from above the counter. No more crouching down and rummaging through your cupboard when it's time to fill the bottle!

Better still, these dispensers also generally have a higher capacity, meaning you have to fill it less, giving you one less thing to think about. A little more free and calm headspace sounds like a great gift to yourself this year!

Bottom Grids

All of your sink accessories see a lot of wear and tear, but bottom grids are a quintessential kitchen accessory. The grids keep your dishes elevated to drain the water properly, so your sink dryer and cleaner will stay cleaner than ever before.

You'll want to be searching for a stainless steel grid that will be durable and fashionable. Everyday use will take a significant toll on something like a bottom grid, so keep that in the back of your mind when looking at purchasing one.

Home Outlet: Your Home Refresh Partner

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