Kitchens Aren't Just About Cooking Anymore

Posted by Iris M on 14th Jun 2023

Kitchen trends in 2023 continue to be focal points for welcoming family and friends. Today, core elements of kitchen designs revolve around cabinets, countertops, backsplashes and flooring emphasized with decorative moldings, lighting and windows - each reflecting personal styles and budgets.

As the busiest room in a home, popular kitchen concepts resonate with lasting quality, timeless character and impeccable artistry, adding value to the house and comfort to its residents' lifestyle.

Embracing this year's home designs are open-floor plans that make the best use of kitchen space. Although each kitchen type has distinct characteristics, 2023 trends break the rules in blending kitchen type features with personal styles.

Modern Touches

Kith Eudora Maple Metro | Color: Pecan

Design trends are focused on keeping this kitchen functional and uncluttered. Taking advantage of natural lighting, reflective surfaces have gained popularity for polished countertops, glass doors and finished wood cabinets.

The concept uses straight linear lines with flat panel cabinet doors in solid colors with simple hardware. The choice of cabinet color is white this year, followed by rich hues of blue, brown, gray and black. Keeping with innovation, pastel colors of green, blues and grays are capturing attention.

The room incorporates linear patterns and muted colors to the backsplash walls accenting the cabinets, countertops and floors for a stunning effect.

Contemporary Smartness

Two-Tone Cabinets

Contemporary kitchens blend function and smartness with a mix of materials — new, old, comfortable and stylish features. 2023 design advancements include durability, efficiency, open space and state-of-the-art appliances.

Two-tone cabinets are popping up — lighter colors on the top level and darker on the bottom help balance the room's visual dimensions.  Dark island cabinets are perfect center points in open and small kitchen designs.

Another version of this contrasting trend, dark countertops highlight lighter patterned wall tiles, creating an open space effect. It’s also working in an all-white kitchen cabinet layout. Dark countertops with a light vein pattern balance the brightness, adding warmth to the room.

Urban Living

Urban kitchens are about individuality, intermingling classic and contemporary details that create an energetic vibe.  Functional demands and design elements set the mood with smooth surfaces and vivid-colored cabinets and countertops.

This kitchen design maximizes cabinet space and storage above and below the countertops.  Multi-purpose island features expand tabletop space for meals, study or office work.  Built-in microwaves, wine coolers, pop-up shelves and sectional drawers are boosting space efficiency.

Country Styles

Faircrest | Hickory Shaker

Country-styled kitchens have adapted to changing lifestyles, keeping kitchens warm and inviting with modern trends and traditional designs. We're seeing classic Shaker cabinet designs, open shelving, natural finishes and color enhancing the home's character and architecture.

Opening the room are layers of textured surfaces in similar tones and contrasting colors ranging from light to dark hues.  Ornate ceilings capture attention with design trends ranging from open beam to entire ceilings tiled to reflect the natural light entering the room. 

Traditional Customs

Balanced with elegance and traditional styling, these kitchens have embellished raised cabinets with detailing to enhance the element of luxury. Artistry natural woods, moldings, corbels, brick and millwork finishes set the tone.

Standing the test of time, dark wood cabinets, glass inset doors and decorative-edged stone to wooden floors complete the image.  Custom stovetops, creative hoods, patterned tile work and natural lighting through arty windows create an ambiance that captures the eyes' attention.


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