Knotty or Not? Which Pine Door Is Right For You?

7th Jun 2023

There are many different options and products to consider when updating or remodeling your home. Paint, flooring, fixtures, window coverings and cabinets, are just a few. It’s important to realize that the doors in your home aren’t just functional; they are part of a home's décor. They are a buffer between one space and the next. You might be surprised at the impact that interior doors can have, the whole feeling of a room can change based on the doors you choose. Because of that, interior doors are an important purchase and shouldn’t be overlooked in the planning process of a renovation process. 

Knotty Pine Interior Doors

In a home with rustic, country cabin or cowboy style, knotty pine interior doors can be a good choice. The knots and other defects in this wood stand out. The wood can be left unstained, just protected with sealant, but it takes stains well too. But knots will still show through the stains and the character will remain. The strong texture of the wood means these doors are not a good choice for painting; so don't plan to use these doors if you want a pure white interior.                                                                                               

Clear Pine Doors

When choosing a door, be sure you like the look of it and that it fits in with the style of the room. Chances are you won’t be replacing it again while you’re living in your home. You’ll be looking at it for years, so make sure you like the door’s appearance. We carry clear pine (without knots in the wood) and knotty pine for those who want a more rustic looking interior door. They are available in six panel, 2 panel arched top as well as French doors, in a variety of widths, pre-hung or slabs; all ready to stain or paint to match your homes décor. An interior door should complement the moulding and trim in the area(s) it’s placed with. 

Consider the finishes; if the moulding is stained the door should match exactly. If the moulding in a room is painted, you have a few more options; most often you will want to match the trim, but for a bolder look you can match the wall color (if it’s not the same as the trim) and create a visual portal from one room to another. Either way it is important with a solid wood interior door that all surfaces are sealed to avoid swelling and warping during temperature and humidity changes in your home.