New Kitchen Trends Are Adding Function & Value to Today's Lifestyles

Posted by Iris M. on 19th Jun 2023

Whether you’re updating your kitchen or doing a complete overhaul, 2021 design trends change the use of space, structure, and color. Consider modernizing outdated countertops, cabinets, and floors to carry the color and design themes throughout the kitchen. Today's kitchen designs are innovative, durable, and trendy to fit every home’s lifestyle.

Having a tough time picking materials? Look at what’s in stock. Don’t be afraid to spice up the room with bold colors and captivating patterns. Consider inspiring floors — be creative, choose from wood, stone, tile styles, and contrasting textures complementing neutral to incredible shades.

Regardless of what is trending, it's important to remember that when it comes to your home, it is always best to stay true to your personal style. Explore trends for options that you can incorporate into the kitchen of your dreams, choosing cabinets that suit your lifestyle, and incorporate elements matched to function and efficiency.

Countertop Solutions

Countertops are the core feature bringing the other elements together to complete the room. It's why choosing the color and pattern that complements the kitchen and decor is essential. Here are two popular choices based on appearance, function, and style:

  • Granite remains a trendy kitchen design with its unique appearance since no two slabs are identical. This countertop comes with unbeatable kitchen features — natural stone, durable and low maintenance.
  • Laminate countertops have gained popularity for their modern styling with a finished edge. Added benefits include durability and affordability.

Cabinet Extravagance

When shopping for cabinets, consider the room’s vertical space for placing cabinets to make the best use of storage space. Think about the traffic patterns when planning cabinet placements — the adjustment makes life in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Add a touch of personality by selecting flat, raised, or Shaker cabinets in finished or unfinished designs.

  • Flat-panel cabinet doors have a simple design, giving a smooth appearance that works when modernizing kitchens.
  • Raised panels have detailed cut designs that elevate the center panels, working with contemporary and traditional styles.
  • Shaker cabinets have a recessed center surrounded by a framing effect, perfect for country or traditional kitchens.

Stylish Floors

2021 flooring trends include natural woods, tiles, stones, and engineered images that look like the real thing with a benefit of affordability.

  • Natural woods add style and quality to traditional planking and artistry pattern layouts. Trendy designs include the look of distressed, wire-brushed or hand-scraped detailing. Classic patterns like herringbone and chevron present a striking display of wood floors.
  • Today’s vinyl flooring is about intelligence with its modern design, characteristic comfort, and resounding features of durability and resilience. Kitchen trends lean toward the authentic look of natural wood planks.
  • Laminates are designed for heavy traffic, offering the look of attractive hardwood, decorative tiles, or detailed stone patterns. Colors range from natural shades of light and dark to innovative neutral tones of browns, blondes and grays.

Window Ambiance

Like the other design elements, windows come in different sizes, shapes and function — styles include casement, single or double hung, sliding, bay or bowed, corner or expansive picture windows.

Things to consider when choosing windows are function, placement, efficiency and maintenance:

  • As a kitchen element, windows often compete for space with cabinets, preventing the full effect of natural lighting brightening up the room.
  • Placement also plays an essential role with privacy, which can be resolved by moving the kitchen window higher above the sink or countertop.
  • Match the new windows with the aesthetics of the home to complement the inside and exterior views.

Kitchens are still about function with awe-inspiring trends to fit personal styles — making a house a home. When choosing products for kitchens or baths, look for quality, durability and affordable design fit.

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