What Is a "Cloffice" and Why Do You Need One?

Posted by Lauren H. on 8th Jun 2023

Monday, December 21, 2020

Have you heard of a “cloffice?” Yes, it's a thing. A cloffice is a new trending space within a house that has become the latest must-have feature. Considering today’s on-site/off-site working and schooling environments, a cloffice is truly invaluable. So, let’s talk about what a "cloffice" is, its benefits, and why you might need one.

What is a Cloffice? Home Office Alternatives

A cloffice is basically a closet, nook, or other similar space in your home that has been turned into an office. You can take any unused space or underutilized space and turn it into a cloffice for homeschooling or working from home. This could be an unused closet, a guest bedroom closet, an empty corner, or even that empty space under the stairs.

What are the benefits of a cloffice:

  • Provides a designated space for working and schooling at home
  • Utilizes wasted space
  • Adds value to your home
  • Helps keep all office supplies centralized and organized
  • Doesn’t take up any extra space—it uses the space you already have

Designing a Cloffice in Your Home

Does a cloffice need to be professionally designed or can I DIY a cloffice?

A cloffice could go either way. It will depend on your experience, what type of space you are trying to develop, and what you want and need in your new cloffice.

The elements of a cloffice could include shelving or semi-custom cabinetry, different paint or color finishes, lighting, storage, door(s), durable flooring, seating, bookshelves, equipment nooks, and anything else you or your family might need to make the space you’ve chosen for your cloffice functional. You might even choose to make your cloffice multi-shaped using multi-shaped shelving and cabinetry along a sidewall to utilize every square inch of available space.

How much a cloffice will cost and how long it takes to complete will depend entirely on your specific space and the elements you choose to include in it. However, a cloffice that is done right will add value to your home. So, keep that in mind.

4 Popular Cloffice Ideas

Home Office Space Ideas 

Home Office Space Ideas

1. Semi-Custom Cabinetry

Kabinart Cabinets or KithOne Cabinetry options are ideal for a cloffice because they are made of premium construction, yet they are extremely affordable. They also come in a wide variety of specialty finishes and have plenty of interior convenience feature options. That means they can be easily customized for your needs. They also have durable wipe-clean woodgrain vinyl interiors and soft-closing full-extension undermount drawer hardware and adjustable hinges. Additionally, they are Made in America and come fully assembled!

2. Specialty Flooring

Durable surfaces that hold up to office chairs, are waterproof, and resist stains would be perfect for a cloffice. You can choose from tile, sheet vinyl, or the ever-popular vinyl plank flooring so you don’t have to deal with grout lines or worry about spills because it’s waterproof.

3. Doors and Windows

If you want your cloffice hidden and out of sight, adding some plain or decorative doors that complement your home is a must. Additionally, if the location of your space allows, you could also install a window for a more enhanced view.

4. Equipment Nooks

Equipment nooks can be implemented using cabinets, drawers, adjustable shelving, or having them custom built to fit your exact needs. Equipment nooks are great and will help eliminate endless searching because every person who uses that space will know exactly where everything is at all times.

And don’t forget… some home improvement stores offer free estimates and professional design teams who will help you customize and build-out the perfect cloffice—just like you envisioned it.

What's Next?

If you want more information about installing or redesigning a cloffice space in your home, please your local Contact Home Outlet today. We offer discount building materials, even materials for cloffices! We also offer a wide variety of kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, windows, doors, and more. And, we have a low-price guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

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