Why Summer is the Best Time of the Year to Replace Windows and Doors

Why Summer is the Best Time of the Year to Replace Windows and Doors

9th May 2023

Summer is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for many reasons. The warm weather and long days not only allow us to embark on many of our favorite activities, but also let us to get many more projects finished around the home than we can during the winter. Make use of the summer season to get do-it-yourself projects accomplished after work and on the weekends.  Do you have old windows or doors in your home that have been causing issues throughout the winter and spring? If so, learn why summer is the best time of the year to take care of window and door projects below!

Create a Pleasant Outdoor Workspace

It can be a hassle to bring all of the necessary door and window installation tools inside your home. However, when it’s too cold to work outside, bringing tools and equipment inside your home to install replacement windows or new doors is necessary. The downside to this is that creating an indoor workspace is less than convenient and can put unwanted stress on your family, roommates, or tenants. Dirty drop cloths and tools, combined with the fact that it is often imperative to rearrange heavy furniture to create an open space in which you can properly work, creates a stressful home environment for everyone involved. With that said, choose a nice summer day to set up your work space outside. That way, you can keep your indoor work and home disturbance to a minimum. Having ample space to gain access to your tools will make the project go much smoother as well.

Turn off the A/C and Turn on the Fans

If you were to choose to replace a window or door in your home during the winter months, it would be extremely difficult to keep you home at a livable temperature if you are forced to leave the project overnight before completion. Unfortunately, an incomplete storm door or window project often leaves your home exposed to outdoor temperatures. Even the most powerful space heaters can’t compete with cold winter and early spring temperatures. Summer evening and nighttime temperatures are often mild, which means if you aren’t able to finish a door or window installation in one day, maintaining a comfortable temperature will still be easy. Simply turn off the A/C, and turn on a ceiling or box fan to increase the air circulation in your home! Even though there might be an opening in your home which will allow outdoor air to come inside, this doesn’t mean you won’t get a proper night of sleep after a long day’s work.

Make the most of the summer season and take care of all the projects that have been sitting on your “to-do” list throughout the winter and spring. The warm weather often gives us a boost of energy, so you might as well take advantage of it!