What Is Your Kitchen Design Style?

What Is Your Kitchen Design Style?

Posted by Amy F. on 21st Jul 2023

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Granite, wood, tile, quartz—it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the options when you're redesigning your dream kitchen. One way to make things easier on yourself is to pick a specific kitchen design style and choose elements from that.

If you're not sure what your kitchen design style is, don't worry. We'll break down the options, so you can pick the one that best reflects you.

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen  
Modern Kitchen | Ktih Ebony Metro & Bright White

If you love glossy finishes, silver hardware and sleek designs, then the modern style speaks to you. A modern kitchen is organized and sophisticated. It's primarily made from sustainable materials and features minimalist shaker cabinets. Instead of tile, modern kitchens use marble slabs as backsplashes.

ALTERNATIVE | Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design

If you're mad about modern, you may also love the quirky retro styling of a mid-century modern kitchen. Like modern design, mid-century modern (MCM) is all about minimalism. But it's not afraid to have a bit of fun, too. You'll see light colors and geometric, metal cabinet handles in an MCM kitchen. Wood and marble finishes are the name of the game.

Cottage Kitchen Design

Cottage Kitchen  
Cottage Kitchen | Norfolk in Vintage Natural w/Alabaster and Creekstone Accent

If you envision your kitchen as a charming and cozy retreat, a cottage kitchen design is what you want. A cottage kitchen typically has bright white cabinets, natural wood paneling and sturdy butcher block islands. To add a touch of quaintness, a cottage kitchen has brightly colored backslashes and plenty of handmade details.

Alternative | French Country Kitchen Design

Mais oui, if you want a cozy kitchen with a touch of elegance, then a French country kitchen is the design style to emulate. French country kitchens are rustic yet refined. They have wood beams and glass cabinet doors with splashes of color throughout. A butcher block island can stand in front of a vintage range, complete with an elegant range hood. The ambiance says south of France, even if your home is in the Midwestern US.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Farmhouse Kitchen | Eudora Cottage Door Style in Alabaster w/Island in Willow Heirloom Gray

Do you envision your kitchen as a place where the entire family can gather for holidays or Sunday dinner? Then the farmhouse style is right up your alley. Farmhouse kitchens embrace nature's beauty and feature natural wood with plenty of cream and neutral tones. At the heart of a farmhouse kitchen is a large table, big enough to seat at least 10, if not 12. Painted wood furniture-style cabinets offer plenty of storage and loads of charm.

Alternative | Rustic Kitchen

Maybe you see a farmhouse kitchen and think, not rustic enough. Then you'll want to go with a rustic kitchen design. The rustic style loves wood in all its knotty, distressed and imperfect glory. Wood panels, butcher block counters and vibrant backsplashes are at the heart of a rustic kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional Kitchen  
Traditional Kitchen | Fabuwood Allure Fusion Kona

If you value form and function, a traditional kitchen is for you. The traditional style embraces timeless beauty and organization. It features furniture-style cabinets and marble backsplashes. Every pot and utensil has its place in a traditional kitchen, and you'll always know where to find what you need.

Alternative | Contemporary Kitchen

Think of a contemporary kitchen as an update on the traditional. It's organized and well laid out, but polished, sleek and modern. Contemporary kitchens are open and spacious and provide plenty of space to work thanks to double islands and ample counter space.

Eclectic Kitchen

Ecclectic Kitchen  
Traditional Kitchen | Fabuwood Allure Fusion Kona

Color, texture, patterns, you love it all. If you believe that more is more, an eclectic kitchen is the style for you. Eclectic kitchens are creative and unique. They combine elements from other design styles, such as colorful tiles, butcher block counters and creative cabinets.

Alternative | Mediterranean Kitchen

Think of the Mediterranean kitchen as the elegant older sibling of the eclectic kitchen. It's not afraid to mix and match, but it does so with a sense of refinement and sophistication. You'll find bold hardware, plenty of warm colors and furniture-style cabinets in a Mediterranean kitchen.

Coastal Kitchen

Coastal Kitchen  
Traditional Kitchen | Fabuwood Allure Fusion Kona

If you dream of the sea, your kitchen should reflect that. The coastal kitchen style features ocean-inspired hues, such as blue, sand, white and green. The entire space feels relaxed and welcoming, thanks to wicker and seagrass accents, colorful or butcher block islands and wood panels.

Alternative | Country Kitchen

Think of the country kitchen style as the coastal kitchen's landlocked cousin. It's relaxed and cozy but miles away from the seaside. Butcher block, wood panels and pastel colors are right at home in this kitchen style.


Whether you go for retro and fun, sleek and modern or relaxed and charming, your kitchen's style says a lot about you. The kitchen is the heart of your home, pick a design that really showcases your tastes and style.

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