Why You Need A Black Front Door

Posted by Joshua Burk on 7th Jun 2023

Your front door is the central component of your home’s entryway and one of the first things any visitor notices about your home. Many fantastic styles and options are available, and, of course, many color options.

Make a Statement with a Black Front Door

One option you might have overlooked is a black front door, which has the potential to become a genuinely bold statement on your home’s style.

Black Front Door as an Accent

In many ways, your front door is the essential element of the front of your home. However, it can also serve as an accent for other features. Black front doors strike a distinct contrast with many hardware elements, and you can consider building on that contrast with features like lantern lighting.

A black front door pairs well with just about any house color: it provides a great contrast with lighter colors and can be incredibly striking on a white or beige home. However, it also blends well with darker blues and grays. For versatility, a black front door may be your best option.

Consider Porch Decorations for Added Effect

When you go with a black front door, you’re likely aiming to have a striking and attractive entryway to your home. While the door serves as the centerpiece, you can elevate the style with a wide range of porch decorations. The dark color is a base for the design, so further additions don’t seem cluttered.

Large outdoor potted plants are a favorite, and the range of options for customization here is limitless. With a symmetrical entryway, you can quickly achieve a great look. You might also consider something bolder, like garden statues, or perhaps a rustic flair with an antique milk churn.

Try Different Colors on the Trim

While many homeowners favor a matching or white trim, a black front door pairs well with many options. A solid black trim provides an incredibly distinct profile, which works particularly well when contrasting with the home's overall color. White trim can also be striking when paired with a black front door and a darker home color.

Both black and white trim work, but they’re far from your only options. Essentially any color trim pairs with a black front door, although you should also consider how well the color you choose goes with your house color. Dark blues blend very well while still adding an accent. You can go the other way and try something genuinely bold with a bright red.

Revamping Your Home’s Entrance

Are you feeling inspired by these stylish black front door options? Home Outlet has everything you need to revamp your home’s entrance. Stop by your nearest location or reach out for a free estimate on your project now. Don’t forget to sign up for email updates for more on the latest home trends and styles.

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