Barn Door Hardware

Barn doors are a creative way to add more style to a room. Traditionally, they are made from wood, giving your home a rustic appeal. They are also a space-saving alternative to swinging doors because they don’t require floor space. 

Another reason homeowners consider barn doors is the vast array of options available. There’s bound to be something for every budget and style. 

However, installing an unconventional fixture requires having the correct barn door hardware. This door style requires a sliding tracker rather than a hinge. To ensure you have everything needed to install your door, visit Home Outlet to purchase your barn door hardware kit. 

Types of Barn Door Hardware You Might Need

Whether you invested in a barn door to upgrade your style or save space, you must understand your hardware options. The correct interior barn door hardware will ensure it functions properly and looks beautiful.

Barn Door Track Kit 

The hardware for barn doors includes a track and hardware system. It is attached to a door using a track to create a sliding door. The hardware mount rolls across the barn door track attached to the wall.

A barn door track hardware kit includes the following components: 

If you’ve already selected a door, you’ll want to know its height, width, weight, and thickness before purchasing your barn door track kit. These factors will determine which hardware is required to complete your installation.  

Door Track Connector 

Some homeowners want to close a larger opening. But doing so requires another piece of hardware called a door track connector, which helps connect two tracks that link double barn doors. This hardware creates a harmonious design, combining two rails into one continuous track.


Door handles come in many styles, colors, and materials, giving your barn door a unique appearance. Home Outlet has barn door track hardware kits that match the appearance of numerous handles compatible with any door slab.    

Interior Barn Door Hardware: Finishes and Materials 

Choosing the finish is one of your most essential decisions when picking your barn door. You can select a style that complements or contrasts your door to stand out beautifully. Home Outlet finishes and materials include the following: 

Make your barn door the focal point of any room by completing it with a pop of color or classic black matte hardware.

Barn Door Hardware Installation

Learning how to install barn door hardware is not that challenging. Once you have the correct barn door hardware kit, it can be a straightforward project. Start by using a stud finder and level to secure a mounting board. This board supports the heavy barn door and can be painted to match the wall or trim color.

After your board is mounted, install the metal track, and use a level to ensure it is even before installing the hardware. Next, attach the rollers and install the door handle. You should place the handle so the center of it is approximately 36 inches from the bottom of the door. Finally, hang the barn door and install any final pieces of hardware. Don’t forget to test the door to ensure it slides correctly.

Aside from routine cleaning, your new barn door requires minimal maintenance. Wipe down the hardware and metal track with a soft cloth and mild cleaner to remove dust. Never use harsh cleaners containing bleach. Coarse rags or steel wool could damage the door hardware and disrupt the rustic beauty it adds to your home.